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At the edge of location resolution

Koherent's millimeter-precise positioning Grid™ makes the future happen today.

Reliable location data is crucial for the next era in automation. Ports, warehouses, smart factories. Self-driving cars and drones, automated and safe deliveries. Monitoring and constructing buildings and city infrastructure.

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Grid™ is essential for large-scale mixed reality experiences, as it also offers precise orientation. Beyond the limits of controlled spaces and showrooms.

The self-optimizing Grid™ configures and auto-calibrates itself. With real-time accuracy, and always-on repeatability — while being surprisingly affordable.

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Koherent’s solution is like an invisible dome on top of your city. The exact location and movement of everything under this dome is known on a millimeter scale. In three dimensions. In real time. For both solid structures and moving objects. We call this Grid™.

Grid™’s technology is based on radio-interferometric methods. The technique used in radio astronomy to map the edges of the known universe. So no, it's not rocket science, it’s something more extreme.

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Grid™ is a single, unified solution for indoors and outdoors. No more sensor fusion from multiple systems.

Each individual Grid™ can be linked and combined to cover an area as big as you need. The end result? Seamless, automated ports, cities, and more, with all positioning challenges solved.

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Koherent is building the world’s most accurate positioning grid. Grid™ helps bring about a future automated society, enabling smart logistics, digital twins & self-monitoring infrastructures.