Coming in 2026:

Empowering Machine Automation

Koherent will deliver the world’s most accurate and reliable positioning grid for enabling machine automation 24/7 in all weather conditions e.g. in harbors and mines. Our technology will empower machine automation with long-range radio measurement technologies outmatching competing solutions in precision quality, in reliability and in pricing. Promote fully automated machines and vehicles in your logistics and industrial operations by utilizing Koherent’s positioning grid. Get huge added value in both productivity and safety.

A container terminal viewed from above
Ports & container terminals

It doesn’t matter how many gantry cranes, straddle carriers and AGVs you have, we will deliver you the best positioning grid available for automating your container handling.

A tunnel under construction
Mines & tunnels

Enhance work safety and boost efficiency while operating your mine or constructing tunnels. Koherents’s positioning grid enables unmanned machine operation even in the harsh environments below ground.

A view of an airport terminal
Airports & campus areas

Automate e.g. the cargo handling and ground fleet operations at airports. Provide reliable position and safe navigation for automated buses in campus areas.

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