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The founder of Koherent, PhD Kari Leppänen, used to cross continents making radio images of quasars at the universe's outermost edges using giant radio telescopes. Armed with a unique insight into radio interferometry as well as years of experience working at the forefront of network innovation, Kari was able to combine the principles and technology of his life’s work. Together with his two sons, computer science professionals Oliver and Werneri, Kari brought the techniques used in space science down to Earth. Together they were able to build a demonstration of the principles behind the most accurate long-range radio positioning system in the world.

Koherent was born.

Koherent has since transformed into a team of amazing talent that has been able to turn the early invention into a commercial technology that is about to revolutionize radio positioning with an accuracy and reliability previously thought impossible. The technology is built for the demands of Industry 4.0 — from smart construction and mining to logistics and machine automation.

Our mission is crystal clear. A quantum leap in precision — yet cost-effective, reliable, and easy to install.

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Picture of Kari Leppänen
Kari Leppänen
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Markus Lehtinen
Head of Delivery

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