The World's most accurate & reliable positioning Grid for SHM

Koherent provides the world’s most accurate measurement solution for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), tailored for infrastructure such as bridges, tall buildings, tunnels, wind turbines, and dams. Our cutting-edge technology enables continuous, real-time structural measurements with sub-millimeter accuracy, operating 24/7 under any weather conditions.

We empower you to make informed, timely decisions to enhance safety and extend the lifespan of your assets.

A bridge arc
A wind turbine against a clouded sky
Skyscrapers against a cloudy sky


No matter the age, length, or height of your bridge, we provide the right data to monitor and assess its structural health and safety.

Wind turbines

Would you like to ensure that your wind turbine's foundation and tower withstand the wind stresses as specified?

Tall buildings

Are you sure that your structure is structurally safe and stays within the designated tolerances?


Our exceptional measurement precision allows you to detect even the earliest signs of structural problems.


Need to ensure the integrity of your tunnel? Koherents’s solution works even in harsh the conditions underground.


Ensure that you detect the earliest signs of structural changes and can take immediate action.

Case: Kirjalansalmi Bridge

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) utilizes Koherent’s solution to monitor the structural health of the Kirjalansalmi Bridge, built in 1963. Koherent's sensors deliver safety-critical data on the movements and vibrations of the aging bridge.

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Case: Sähkötalo

“This highly accurate and real-time measurement technology helps Granlund offer better building management services to its customers.”

Research Manager Esko Sistonen at Granlund.

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