Grid™ is positioned for the future.

Antenna against light backdrop

The positioning system for extreme accuracy

  • Accuracy: down to 0.1 mm

  • Radio range: 1 km+

  • Measurement rate: up to 200 Hz

  • Full 3D/6D measurement

  • Real-time under 10ms latency

  • Insensitive to weather, dust and interference

Grid™ is self-adjusting and fully supports operating in dynamic, dusty and changing environments. It is a single, unified solution for indoors and outdoors. No dual setups, no need to translate data from one system to another.

Abstract closeup of a surface

Key benefits

  • Real-time 3D/6D positioning

  • Superior accuracy

  • Rugged & reliable

  • Self-configuring

  • Maintenance-free

  • Fewer devices, lower TCO

Koherent is building the world’s most accurate positioning grid. Grid™ helps bring about a future automated society, enabling smart logistics, digital twins & self-monitoring infrastructures.