Coming in 2025:

Revolutionizing construction site measurements

The Koherent work site grid brings a completely new radio-based, automated measurement technology to your infra construction site, removing the need for painstaking optical measurements. Whether you are an infrastructure contractor or an engineering agency, we can provide you with automated measurements of unprecedented precision for all kinds of surveying needs.

For the first time ever, we deliver a millimeter-precise, automated real-time link between the real world and the 3D BIM model, replacing cumbersome total stations and RTK GNSS solutions along with their performance problems in the urban environment.

A bridge construction site
A tunnel under construction
A dam viewed from the above

Infrastructure building in cities

In places where RTK GNSS does not provide a reliable signal, you can still rely on our work site grid for reliable and accurate machine control.

Positioning of large structural elements during lifetime & installation

Monitoring the position of e.g. large roof structures as they are lowered into position may be difficult. Koherent offers a real-time solution that makes such operations fast and hassle-free.

Bridge construction

We offer a continuous and precise measurement base for even the most complex bridge projects, ensuring accurate engineering and installation. The same grid can also be utilized for structural health monitoring of critical points with a precision down to 0.05mm.

Road work sites

Save costs in road construction by using accurate and reliable tools for example in excavation machines and bulldozers. How much can be saved in earthmoving costs?

Tunnels & dams

Need to ensure work safety when building in tunnels or dams? Koherents’s solution works even in dusty environments underground with low or zero GPS visibility.

  • Excellent reliability. The work site grid provides unmatched reliability and accuracy in all weather conditions. Detects and facilitates fast response to changes in structures, pillars, and elements under construction.
  • High Precision. Down to just 0.1 mm.
  • Better results. Enhances construction work quality and extends the life cycle of the contructed infrastructure.
  • Efficiency. Improves efficiency and speeds up high-precision tasks. Ability to control machines and do excavation work with extreme precision by connecting the real world and the 3D world in diverse machines at the construction site.
  • Extreme accuracy even at a long range. Sub-millimeter-precise measurements can be done over hundreds of meters distances.
  • Maintenance-free. No need for device service after installation.
  • Easy to deploy. Easy to remove. The work site grid is fast and easy to install and to remove once the project is completed.
  • Through walls and structures. Able to detect relative distance changes even through wooden, concrete, and brick walls.

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