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Kulosaari bridge monitored with Koherent's solution

Koherent2024-07-042 minutes

After the summer of 2024, Koherent's measurement solution will monitor the condition and structural behavior of the Kulosaari bridge. Built-in 1957, the bridge connects road traffic in Eastern Helsinki to the Helsinki city center. Monitoring produces accurate measurement data during the last years of the bridge's life cycle.

The City of Helsinki plans to dismantle the Kulosaari bridge and build a new one. Construction of the new bridge is expected to begin in 2027.

"The Kulosaari bridge project will be an extensive and challenging construction project. The planning of the entire project requires special care and versatile bridge construction expertise. At the same time, we want to monitor the condition of the current Kulosaari bridge and ensure safety by utilizing new technology," says Project Manager Eero Sihvonen from the City of Helsinki. "We have started cooperation with Koherent to monitor the bridge's behavior and structures for the rest of the bridge's lifetime. We expect the Koherent solution to provide accurate and reliable measurement data in all weather conditions. We manage and take care of the condition of Helsinki's bridges."

Starting in the autumn, Koherent's sensors will produce measurement data from the bridge 24/7.

"It is great that we can start cooperation with the experts responsible for the construction and the condition of bridges in the City of Helsinki. We offer our customers the opportunity to obtain continuous monitoring data from the Kulosaari bridge with millimeter accuracy," says Kari Leppänen, Founder and CEO of Koherent.

"In Finland, we have developed a new, easy, and cost-effective way to monitor the condition and safety of large structures and infrastructures, such as bridges. The measurement technology is based on radio interferometry and is completely immune to possible GPS interference," comments Leppänen. "Our solution works in all weather conditions and attracts great interest among operators building and contracting large infrastructures."

"Long-term monitoring of bridges can significantly extend the lifetime of bridges and bring huge cost savings," Leppänen emphasizes. "People are slowly realizing this in Finland and around the world."

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