Extreme accuracy needed at the Hessundinsalmi bridge construction site

Koherent2024-06-182 minutes

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) is executing a large 128 MEUR infrastructure construction project in southwestern Finland, including two unique bridges, the Kirjalansalmi Bridge and the 260-meter-long Hessundinsalmi Bridge. Kreate’s professionals used Koherent’s grid to monitor the Hessundinsalmi concrete-hinged bridge support structures during pre-cambering in preparation for superstructure casting.

FTIA is responsible for developing and maintaining the state-owned road network, the railways, and the waterways in Finland. Kreate’s professionals construct the Hessundinsalmi Bridge located in a very challenging environment. The new bridge replaces the previous bridge originally built in 1937.

The Hessundinsalmi Bridge is a unique infrastructure construction project. It is the first bridge structure ever built in Finland with a concrete hinge of this scale. Constructing the bridge requires accurate and reliable measuring of the bridge support structures and hinges during pre-cambering with hydraulic jacks.

“The critical work phases are very hectic and accurate positioning data is needed. With the data provided by Koherent’s solution, we have been able to ensure perfect execution in mission-critical work phases, including mm-accurate pre-cambering of 480-ton pillars on concrete hinges before the superstructure casting. Measuring with millimeter accuracy is not uncommon on worksites but delivering real-time and automated measurements wasn’t possible before”, says Rasmus Sainmaa, Development Manager at Kreate.

The weather conditions are harsh in the Nordic archipelago. Koherent’s automated, radio-based, and continuous measurement solution has replaced the need to use painstaking and expensive optical measurement technologies.

“The Koherent grid provides our customer accurate positioning data for engineering and building very demanding infrastructure projects and large structures, as in this case. We make sure that Kreate’s construction experts get the needed information in real-time for building the bridge requiring exceptional skills”, says CEO Kari Leppänen at Koherent. “This has been a truly amazing project, and it has been a privilege to be part of this. We have been able to show the benefits our solution has to offer.”

“The accuracy and reliability of the measurements have surprised us”, comments Sainmaa. “The project has progressed as planned and the team spirit has been exceptionally good among all key organizations involved. We have found new service and technology partners to build the Hessundinsalmi bridge with more certainty and quality. We intend to utilize Koherent’s grid for our future projects.”

Kreate’s 450 professionals are involved in 50-100 bridge construction projects yearly.