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Enabling an automated society


Grid™ offers true, reliable accuracy in 3D and even 6D to unlock smart, automated operations, control and monitoring. From ports to factories, from indoors to outdoors and even underground.

Grid™ simply works.

A construction crane viewed between two buildings under construction
Machine control, construction and mining

Get accurate, uninterrupted and all-climate reliable positioning with a surprisingly affordable TCO. Koherent is the flexible single-source alternative to often unreliable GPS and the expensive, cumbersome optical systems that suffer from incline weather, low light and dust. Koherent’s wide coverage works in all conditions – open air, indoors and even under ground.

A freight container being lifted by a crane
Container port automation

Get reliable, accurate and uninterrupted positioning with true all-weather, all-day operation. Koherent is the future-proof and cost-efficient alternative to transponder, pseudolite and mm-wave radar-based systems, weather-prone optical systems, the often unreliable RTK GNSS solutions, and the widely used combinations of these.

Intersecting highway bridges curving around each other
Structural health monitoring

Get direct structural measurements in 3D millimeter-level accuracy in a single maintenance-free solution. Koherent is the do it all, 24/7, all-weather alternative to the higher cost and reliability issues of strain gauges, inclinometers, optical systems and more. Only Koherent offers a install-once solution to reliably and directly measure actual structural deformations, so you can take planned actions at the right time.

A fence in an indoor parking complex
Indoor logistics and manufacturing

Get reliable continuous positioning that excels in dynamic, dusty, dark and constantly changing environments. Grid™ is impervious to layout changes and offers you a single, unified solution that works seamlessly both indoors and outdoors.

True smart societies – automated drones, indoor-outdoor extended reality, self-driving cars, unmanned deliveries, autonomous factories. All require extreme location accuracy with unflinching reliability. Koherent is working to make the dreams of tomorrow a reality today.

A hovering drone

With full 6D positioning, including pitch, yaw and roll, and accuracy in the millimeter scale, your drone operations will be forever changed for the better. You can forget about the limitations of line of sight. Grid™ can enable automated and reliable guidance of aerial deliveries.

A side-view mirror on a futuristic car
Self-driving cars

In a fully automated society, cars are no exception. Ruggedly reliable, and even predictive positioning enables safe, autonomous driving and parking. Whether private or hired, taxis or delivery vans, Grid™ can guide the wheeled infrastructure of tomorrow to its destination with extreme precision.

An extended reality headset

Experience XR without the constraints of today. The exacting positioning information provided by Grid™ enables seamless Extended Realities from the outdoors to dynamically changing indoor locations in a single, unified setup. Unlock the future with Koherent.

Koherent is building the world’s most accurate positioning grid. Grid™ helps bring about a future automated society, enabling smart logistics, digital twins & self-monitoring infrastructures.