We are Koherent

Koherent was born out of need to realize the promise of smart societies. To make true building automation, autonomous factories and all self-driving, self-parking, self-flying cars, drones and delivery vans possible, not just an expensive dream.

Koherent is here to take location resolution to new levels. To bring true focus where there was none and depixelate the world.

Where others see a blur, we see location on millimeter-scale, in three dimensions, up to a kilometer away. In any weather, in all lighting conditions. Indoors, outdoors and underground.

We are redefining location-finding. So that you can see clearer, sharper and more reliably. Koherent is bringing extreme-accuracy positioning to within everybody's reach. From now on, the future is limited only by your imagination.

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Koherent is building the world’s most accurate positioning grid. Grid™ helps bring about a future automated society, enabling smart logistics, digital twins & self-monitoring infrastructures.